Social Media Autoposter for Wordpress


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Social Media Auto Poster – current version 1.01 available for download!


Time is money. Every second we save running our website counts. We developed the social media autoposter to automate the process of posting your wordpress posts to different social media channels. You can set this plugin up in a few minutes and have it posting different blog posts to facebook and/or twitter. You can add multiple facebook or twitter accounts and have different content be posted automatically to the different social accounts.


  • Auto post any or all content to multiple social media channels (currently twitter and facebook).




With our Viral growth hacking plugin your posts can be shared 1000, 5000, 50,000 times and that is a fact. Many of our clients started with standard social sharing buttons and were getting 5, 10, 100 shares. That is not bad for a start but with this simple Viral growth hack you can explode your readers and make your posts go viral. The old standard social share buttons have no call to action, they do not compel readers to share so they don’t do sqaut. Period! We all know this. We hope that our wonderfully written smart, funny, whimsical post will be different but just tacking on social share buttons at the top/bottom/side does not cut it. Unless you are some monster website like mashable or cnn who get hundreds of thousands or millions of visitors your social buttons are going to languish. until now. In about 20 minutes you can be using our Viral Content Builder.

What does it do?

Lets say you have a blog with just 2 categories diet and fitness. You post articles about both but have 2 different facebook pages. One for diet and one for fitness. With this plugin you can now have each category post to there respective facebook pages. The same goes for twitter. This allows you to develop highly targeted channels and save time by allowing the plugin to autopost your content for you.



Our success is based on our customer satisfaction. Our support team is dedicated to helping clients solve any issues they might experience. We are long time developers with an impeccable record of developing enterprise applications for clients around the world. The products we have here are time tested by us and are used on a daily basis by all our direct clients.


Heres to your success and thank you for your interest in Twitter Manager, The Team


Social Media Auto Poster 1.01, 2016-06-23