Canvas Image for Wordpress

Getting Started


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Are you ready to create awesome engaging images for your social media channels?

In order to use this Plugin you will need to complete 3 simple steps

  • Install the Plugin
  • Configure the Plugin
  • Create images


  • Upload images and add cool overlay text to create great images for sharing on social media
  • Multiple text layers that can be individually styled
  • Google fonts
  • font size can be changed
  • Font Color is adjustable




Upload and Enable the Plugin


There are 2 methods for installing the wordpress module

  • Use the wordpress plugin Upload/install method in the administration section
  • Upload the canvas_image folder to you wp-content/plugins folder

Method 1

  • Navigate to your admin add new plugin section
  • Click upload, locate the zip folder you downloaded for Canvas Image and upload the zipped folder
  • After Wordpress uploads and installs the plugin you can click on the link to activate it.
  • You will then see in your admin section the new Canvas Image section appear in the left admin navigation

Method 2
Upload the “canvas_image” folder to your

  • Connect to your websites FTP
  • Navigate to the folder wp-content/plugins
  • Upload the entire canvas_image folder and all of its contents into the modules folder. You should then see wp-content/plugins/canvas_image in your ftp program


Enable the Plugin in your websites admin section

  • In the Wordpress admin section navigate to
  • Locate the Plugin named Canvas Image within the Plugins section and check the box to enable the Canvas Image Plugin
  • Click save to enable the Plugin

After installation is completed you should see a new tab in your Admin navigation bar called “Canvas Image”. If you do not see this just refresh the page to ensure the system is showing the most up to date version of your navigation bar

Configure the Canvas Image Plugin

  • Visit Canvas Image configuration page

In your Admin navigation bar you click “Canvas Image” (the Plugin is also reachable via


  • Configure your create image url

Under the settings tab of the Plugin you can control the url where you visit to create your images. By default we set it to https://your-domain-name/create/image and we recommend keeping it this way but you can change it to anything you wish :-).

You can also control the page title on the create image page, page url where the images can be viewed, the default text that will show up when you create an image, the default background image the default icon that can appear on the homepage and whether or not the icon should be shown on the homepage for quick linking to the create image form.

lastly if you wish you can control the metatags for the image creator page.

Lets create some images :-)

  • Visit Canvas Image create page

This is the url we setup within the settings section where the default url was


From here you can upload an image either from your PC desktop or, if you visit the url from your phone, from your phones camera/gallery. once you have your image uploaded you can add as many text layers as you would like so that you can format individual text sections with different fonts, font sizes and font colors. Once finished click save at the bottom and it will generate the image and prepare the social media submission buttons for you. You can currently submit to facebook, twitter and google plus.

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