Growth hacking Twitter the truth, the lies and an easy to use solution.

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Know everything about growth hacking? Don’t need to read the article?  You know what you want and you know how our product works? 



what-is-growth-hacking-definition-growth-tribe-1024x609.pngYeah yeah I know roll your eyes.  Everyone is using Growth hacking to sell you something right?  Yupp I am too.  There I said it.  The difference here is 90% of everything you read  out there talks about how successful AirBNB, pinterest and all the other major internet Billion dollar companies were with their genius growth hacks and I on the other hand am providing you the tools to actually do it.  How many articles tell you exactly how they did it step by step?  How many of these growth hackers show you how you too can use their special magic? How many of the growth hacks could you even do if you wanted?  A big fat ONE MAYBE!  Not everyone is a cross between being a developer and a marketer.  Who has the time or years of skills to reverse engineer website concepts, api’s, screen scraping, etc.  Truth be told much of what people are talking about and labeling as growth hacking is in fact SEO, website optimization, page speed tricks, design and UI/UX.  Meaning fix your freakin website to sell the user who is already on your website or better sell the millions of people you should already have following you on facebook, twitter, pinterest and every other social media channel.  What, you dont have a gazillion followers on Pinterest, twitter, facebook, instagram and snapchat yet? Oh man dont you feel like a loser?  Screw them!  After this article you will be on your way to your own success with or without purchasing my awesome script although I must say that with my script you will get there faster with MUCH less effort (wink) (wink).

Yes, it is true, you need a good sales flow on your website with attractive graphics that entice the customer to purchase your product or read your newest blog article.  That stuff you can and definitely need to do without being a developer or even thinking about growth hacking.  But if you have a great website and little or NO traffic then who are you going to sell to with you amazing website?  Improving your website design is not suddenly going to flood your website with traffic now is it?  How do you do that?  How did AirBNB do it?  Well they bent the terms and conditions of using Craigslist, past the grey area into a hack territory, to snipe users from Craiglist onto their platform.  In fact most companies that become successful figure out a way to leverage someone elses success to drive their own.

I wanna Spend Red's Money!

i-wanna-spend-reds-money.gifYupp.  Why spend my own money when I can spend yours.  So how do you growth hack Twitter?  

Yeah stop rambling and tell me the secret for christ sake!  Ok ok keep calm we'll get there. Together as friends :-).  First we need to lay out a scenario.  The ultimate generic growth scenario would be that you have a product that you know everyone wants so you write an article and tweet it with hashtag #greatestproductsinceslicedbread along with a link to your website  Somehow people are always looking for this hashtag and POOF you now have 1,000,000 people following you and loads of traffic to your website with thousands of sales.  The truth of the matter is this happens very rarely and requires a ton of work/preparation.  The Twitter follower (and all social media engagement) problem is technically the same one you already have with your website.   You always start from point zero.  How do you get your first customer, your first lead, your first visitor?   If you spent money to get traffic to your website and now need to spend money to get likes, where does the bleeding of money end?  So the ultimate question becomes how do you leverage another websites traffic and user base to grow your own?  That is where the growth hack part and developer skills start coming in.   You need to 1st understand how the platform functions to interact with the users on the platform.  Within the confines of the terms and conditions of course.  Then you need to learn and understand the platforms api so that you can develop your functionality in order to allow you to interact with users of the platform.  This is where 99% of people realize ‘Oh Sniggity Snap I cannot do this! frowny-face, satire, frowny-face, crying-face, TURD-PILE” and where we come in smiley-face, LOL, dying-laughing.


With our experience helping companies around the world we have developed tools focusing on that exact problem and have refined them into a tool that any system can use regardless of product, market or target audience.  Our Twitter Manager does just what it says.  It manages your twitter account so you can focus on your business, build great products or write great articles.  No more hours a day scouring Twitter for people to follow.  No more staring at 80 followers day after day after day.  We have developed the Twitter Manager for the Wordpress CMS, Drupal CMS as well as a standalone version to be used on any php hosting platform (just upload, connect to a database, setup your twitter app, configure keywords/hashtags and your off).  The Twitter Manager does all of the hard work for you. 

Ok gime gime gime 

No?  Too Soon?  Read on then.

What if you could find all the people on Twitter who used our previous hashtag  #greatestproductsinceslicedbread and become friends with them in a few minutes.  How happy will you be if you can find competitors and become friends with their followers?  This wonderful world will be yours with the Twitter Manager.  Wait!  Are you telling me that for $48 I get this script that will cure all my twitter problems?  Yupp.  On a technical level this system can aggressively generate 20,000 followers per month.  That is however the most aggressive levels and unless you are some type of celebrity or gain that many via your fantastic content it is not recommended.  What is realistic and has been proven with our system time and time again with hundreds of clients is a long-term growth of anywhere from 1,000 up to 10,000 targeted followers each and every month.   Can you do that manually?  With the 10% back-follow (*) rule you would need to manually find and follow 10,000 to 100,000 people each month in order to get 1,000 – 10,000  people following you back.  How many hours does that take? 

Lets say you want to do it on your own.  How does it work?  I will list/ kinda show you 2 methods to do this on your own (semi-automated).  Why would I do this?  You don’t need to buy the product we painstakingly worked on with such fine detail, love, affection, blood, sweat and tears.  Wimper wimper.  But I believe once you see the time spent even on this semi-automated method, and the main problem with these listed methods, you will see that paying us $48 so we can buy coffee, to finish the rest of our awesome planned products :-),  is worth it.  Queue sinister laugh.


Ok Version 1)

This is the simplest method.  You can use google chromes developer tool to follow users and here is how it works.

a)   Log into your twitter account.  Using Google Chrome.  DUH!

b)   Search to find a twitter account matching your theme (lets say pokemon) and click on the "followers" tab for that user

c)   Now open up Chromes Developer tools (mac: cmd + alt + i, windows: ctl + shft+ J)

d)   Next click on the console tab in Chromes dev tools

e)   Paste this script into the console and hit the enter key

a = setInterval(function () {
  $('.not-following .user-actions-follow-button.js-follow-btn').click();
}, 1000);


What just happened.  Ok this javascript pasted in the console scrolls through the list of users on the screen looks for a user with css classes tag “.not-following .user-actions-follow-button.js-follow-btn'” and initiates a .click() event to follow that user.  It tries to do it 1,000 times.

This works 100% and takes about 5-15 minutes but it is not optimal and according to Twitters terms of use it counts as Bulk following.  Twitters actual algorithm and rules are fluid.  This means that they are not hard set rules for every account.  The rules try to analyze your behavior to see if you are abusing there rules.  They say you can follow up to max X users per day but it is based on the way in which you follow.  Do you ty to follow 1,000 people within 2 minutes or is it spaced out over time?  Do you try to follow 1 person every minute throughout the entire day (60 users per hour x 24 hours = 1,440)?  Lets say you want to fly under the radar with this script method and you take the 1,000 users and follow 100 users at a time, now you have 10 times visiting the site and 10 x 5-15 minutes.  Oh now we are talking at least 50 minutes of your time doing this each day and you are still following a large number each time.  In general you should try to follow max 50 people each time so you are talking now 20 x 5 minutes or almost 2 hours a day running this semi-automated script and that is just to follow the people. 14 hours a week or almost 2 full days of work each week.  8 Days a month you spend running this script.  And that time does not count unfollowing people who do not follow you back or posting your content to twitter.  How much is 8 days per month worth to you?  An 8 day vacation would be awesome right now but alas I cannot take a vacation.  I got stuff to do.


Version 2)

You can use imacros with firefox to accomplish the same functionality as version 1 above.  Sorry I don’t want to write the entire instructions here.  It is too much to explain and I am lazy.  Also I personally don’t like the way it works and it has the same issues as version 1 has so lets just say it sucks and be done with it.  Ok just in case you really REALLY want to know there are a number of kinda sorta ok written articles on using imacros to perform this task.  Just google it.  “Twitter followers imacros”.  Here is a link to one such imacros script with mediocre instructions.


Ok I hope that you learned something or at least found the article entertaining.  Now Buy our script and make your life easier. 


*   On average across thousands of client twitter accounts using our system 10% of users you follow will follow you back.  Why?  Well there are a number of reasons but our research shows that one of the most frequently seen reasons is that Twitter seems to keep accounts around that may or may not be actively used anymore.  So while the person may have at some point followed a competitor or tweeted about a hashtag, they are not active hence cannot follow you back.


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Know everything about growth hacking? Don’t need to read the article?  You know what you want and you know how our product works?